Find a way to celebrate World Water Day

March 22 marks World Water Day, an annual event started by the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, in 1993, to celebrate fresh water and advocate for its sustainable management. This year its theme is “wastewater.”

Wastewater has become a global issue. Untreated or improperly treated wastewater gets discharged into groundwater, rivers and streams, and our oceans, spreading disease, killing marine life and affecting the purity of our drinking water.


Tackling Wastewater at Water Docs

We lend our voice to the chorus demanding change in a couple of ways. In this year’s Water Docs Film Festival (March 29 to April 2, 2017), wastewater and its issues are addressed in a few films. For example, in the world premiere of Downstream (March 30), filmmaker Jeremy Williams examines how huge dams holding back toxic mine wastewater are a threat to salmon stocks and public health in British Columbia.