Ecologos takes a unique approach to motivation. Rather than resorting to doom and gloom and guilt to move people, we appeal to their fundamental connection to nature. We all have powerful memories of encounters with the natural world. Our programs reconnect people with these deeply felt experiences, and nourish a commitment to action for a sustainable future.

Best known today for our annual Water Docs Film Festival, Ecologos has been delivering environmental education and action programs since 1999. These include Water Docs @ School Action Projects, Water Hour, Stop the Mega Quarry and our newest, the Ontario 150 Great Lakes Water Walk and Celebration. The Image Shifting learning model underlies the gamut of learning experiences developed by Ecologos.

As we remember water’s  power to touch us deeply, the spirit rises to commit ourselves to its protection.

We dedicate ourselves to protecting water, using documentary storytelling and experiential learning to revive a sense of reverence, address threats and stir action.
— Stan Gibson