Co-presentation of Atlantic at Planet In Focus!

Water Docs copresented Atlantic at the 2016 Planet In Focus film festival. "The Atlantic Ocean can be wild, dangerous, beautiful and mystical. It provides a stunning view, a home to shoals of fish and marine life. But it also provides a livelihood for fishermen and those who trawl the sea for fish, and companies who drill for oil and gas," as The put it.

Narrated by Emmy-award winning actor Brendan Gleeson, Atlantic follows the struggles of three fishing communities in Ireland, Norway and Newfoundland, as they battle with the oil explorers and international fishing companies for control of the resources in their waters.

Atlantic is the second documentary film from the makers of the award winning documentary The Pipe (2010). Atlantic started as a crowd funding project, where the digital community came together and raised the highest Fund-it amount every raised, totalling €56,000. Once made, Atlantic was screened at cinemas, theatres, lighthouses, arts centres, in thatched cottages and on beaches across Ireland and beyond! 

The film charts the politics of resource management of the North Atlantic; from strong State control in Norway, mixed fortunes in Newfoundland, to a more liberal, privatised system in Ireland.

Atlantic, through the experience of these coastal neighbours, poses the question: who will benefit from the exploitation of these resources, and what the consequences will be for communities and the environment?

Atlantic‘s aim is to empower local communities and individuals so that they can better contribute to this vital debate, to foster live and uncensored discussions between people on all sides of the Atlantic. And it has. Watch the trailer on the film website.