Marine Biologist Launches Boomerang Bags In Toronto To Fight Plastic Waste

This is a guest blog from Toronto Marine Biologist Nikki Daley, founder of Boomerang Bags Toronto, a community dedicated to rescuing unwanted fabrics and transforming them into beautiful reusable bags to cut back on plastic bag use. 

Canadian born, Australian infused. I was a natural explorer, travelling from a very early age. Always captivated by the ocean; it provides me with comfort and ease, yet can leave me feeling intimidated. It was in my final year of undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, where I was first introduced to the possibility of a career in the marine field. I completed my honours thesis in Barbados, floating in the Bajan ocean, observing tropical fish and corals and collecting endless data. This was it, I found my calling.

After graduating I packed my life in a bag, and travelled across the globe to Australia. I found myself gravitating towards a little island on the Great Barrier Reef, where I worked and lived as a Marine biologist. I spent my days sharing my love of the marine system to travellers from around the globe and my nights working with nesting sea turtles. My goal was to have every guest leave with more knowledge than they came with and provide significant reasons to protect and cherish not only this precious spot, on the Great Barrier Reef, but our planet in general.

Throughout the few years I worked on the reef, I sadly witnessed the changes occurring from climate change and environmental pollution – especially plastics.

I began to realize that no matter how much personal effort I put in to saving each turtle, if our behaviours as humans didn’t change nor would any of the issues.

On my off seasons, away from turtle conservation work, I worked alongside many conservation campaigns and environmental programs. Boomerang Bags stood out and resonated with me strongly. Not only was it combating a plastic pollution issues from two sides, diverting landfill materials to create an alternative to plastic shopping bags, it was building communities and spreading the message – that we need to actively participate as individuals to make effective change.

When I returned to Toronto, last year, I witnessed a plastic bag floating around every single day. It would happen in slow motion, taunting me.

I got the picture, and realized that these issues are global and we’re all connected, just like our water ways.

So here I am, calling out to the people of Toronto. Let’s build the Boomerang Bag TO community. Let’s join forces, let’s combat our environmental issues, let’s say NO! to single use plastics and let’s make some reusable bags while doing it!

Boomerang Bags Toronto takes second hand materials and upcycles them into reusable bags that can be passed around the community. See someone in line without a reusable bag? Hand them a Boomerang Bag and tell them to pass it on when they see someone in need!


Want to get involved?

Help Boomerang Bags Toronto sew the bags that are going to circulate around our communities!

Upcoming sewing workshops (no sewing experience required!):

  • Tuesday, May 29 @ Toronto Tool Library 1803 Danforth ave, 6:00-8:00pm (REGISTER HERE)

  • Tuesday, June 26 @ Toronto Tool Library 1803 Danforth ave, 6:00-8:00pm

  • Tuesday, July 24 @ Toronto Tool Library 1803 Danforth ave, 6:00-8:00pm

  • Tuesday, August 21 @Toronto Tool Library 1803 Danforth ave, 6:00-8:00pm

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