Water Docs Volunteer Ronnie Seagren receives the 2018 Volunteer Toronto Legacy Award

We are thrilled to announce that long-time volunteer for Water Docs Film Festival is set to receive the 2018 Volunteer Toronto Legacy Award for driving action towards environmental conservation. Ronnie has worked tirelessly over the years to make all of our events possible. From the entire team at Ecologos and Water Docs, CONGRATULATIONS Ronnie and thank you for all your amazing hard work and contributions to water activism in this city. We are so very grateful to have you on our team!

2018 April Volunteer Toronto Award.jpg

Ronnie is a dedicated environmental activist and was instrumental in transitioning Ecologos from an environmental think tank to the direct-action organization it is today—using the arts, documentary in particular, to raise awareness and mobilize individuals in the pursuit of water conservation. 

She has volunteered as Secretary of Ecologos’ Board of Directors and has participated in both the Design Team and the Water Docs Film Festival Programming Team. She is a vocal advocate and, each year, she works to secure some of the funding that helps Ecologos continue its work. 

Ronnie connects directly with small businesses, non-profits, and libraries to get the word out about Ecologos’ programs and eagerly encourages her own connections to give of their time.

In the words of her nominator, “Ronnie is the sort of nose to the grindstone volunteer we all long for and deeply admire.”