Celebrate all Things Water with us - Opening Night After-Party!

The 8th annual Water Docs Film Festival floods Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema with water films that make you go ~ WOW ~ during The Magnificence of Water: Opening Night this Thursday, March 21!

Those who purchase a ticket to Opening Night get FREE entry to the post-screening reception at the Centre for Social Innovation, 720 Bathurst at 9:00pm, which will feature photography, film and virtual reality stations. The reception will be catered by Hey Lady Catering.



Nicola Pratt, photographer

Nicola is a photographer from the Toronto area. She always aims to be visual storyteller and create an emotional response through her work. Her style has been described as evocative and ethereal. Many of Nicola’s images use water as a medium. Nicola describes being near water as therapeutic and meditative…the place she feels most alive and at home. Nicola’s work is frequently recognized and awarded in photography contests and forums. Nicola also works as a Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders.

We will have a series of Nicola’s stunning photographs on display during the Water Docs Film Festival 2019 Opening Night reception.

You can also follow Nicola’s work on Instagram.

I have always found being near water calming and meditative, which in turns provides clarity of thought. My image entitled “Lucidity” captures exactly that sentiment - taking time near water to reflect, contemplate, and find tranquility. Through my images, I aim to portray the emotions people experience in and around water: solitude, retrospection, fear, sadness, loss, hope, joy, etc. I think people experience their own unique emotions around water and art allows them to connect with water on a personal level.

Virtual Reality


Dive in to several VR experience provided by Pop-Up VR. The VR stations will enhance and amplify invaluable perspectives surrounding water issues.

Established in 2016, Pop-Up VR is one of the longest operating VR companies in Canada. Pioneers in the emerging and disruptive VR market, they have been providing thousands of users with the best possible virtual reality experience.

Using research into how audiences react and engage with VR has given them unparalleled insight into what will makes a user experience stand out and be remembered long after it’s done.


We will have the Canadian Premiere of Confluence playing on loop in one of the rooms during the reception.

Amy Marquis & Dana Romanoff
USA | 2018 | 55 min
Canadian Premiere

In 2016, an indie folk band, The Infamous Flapjack Affair, travelled the length of the Colorado River Basin, stopping along the way to write music, play gigs, work with local artists, and ultimately, hear stories by those who live in the Basin and are challenged by changes to the natural river system, such as from damming and climate change. CONFLUENCE is a testament to the power of music to bring people together, to spark conversation and to unite us over shared interests and concerns.

Join us for The Magnificence of Water + post-screening reception on Thursday, March 21 at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema.