Host a
local  film screening

Share your love of film and passion for water with friends, neighbours & colleagues

You care about the environment and are passionate about the dangers facing water, locally and globally.

But our Water Docs Film Festival comes around only once a year in Toronto, and you know people who also care and would like to share the opportunity to learn more and discuss what might be done to help.

Plan your own event

The possibilities are endless. Host a gathering in your home, the local library, a community centre, or with a local organization.

Water Docs Where-You-Live screenings have already been held by groups as diverse a public library branch and a university; by  particular cultural communities, including Chinese, South Asian and Francophone; in places ranging from Toronto to Mattawa, and from Etobicoke to North Bay.

How it works

1. Select a film: You should review our current and prior festivals and check out the descriptions and trailers for films. Check the menu under Festival.

2.  Find out about public showing rights:  Contact us for information on how to discuss these with the filmmaker or distributor. A fee is usually charged for a public exhibition. 

3. Set up a post-screening discussion: You can find out whether the filmmaker or someone else associated with its production is available to participate in a Q&A session. If local, they may be able to attend in person. If further away, you could connect by a videoconferencing system, such as Skype.

4. Determine your venue: Allow plenty of lead time to ensure it can fit you into its calendar.

5. Ask Water Docs to be part of your screening:  A rep from our team would be happy to participate, schedule permitting. Please contact us with the details.

6. Plan how you'll promote the event:  Email blasts to local organizations, social media, and posters have all been successful methods.