Water Docs Film Festival 2018 is over!

The Water Docs Film Festival shows outstanding films and exhibits on issues facing water systems and the people who live in them here and around the world. After each screening there were lively Q&A sessions with filmmakers, activists, artists, experts and other related speakers. Our community partners shared ways to get involved.

The festival is a joint effort of many great volunteers, partners, donors and supporters. Thanks to everyone who attended and to everyone who helped make it happen! Click here if you are interested in volunteering to help plan our work and next year's festival! If you missed the free World Water Day Celebration on March 22, click for a taste of fracking.

2018 Volunteers.jpg

Festival films covered the gamut of water issues, explored some possibilities for action, and celebrated the joy of water in our lives in myriad ways. We inaugurated the Water Warrior Award, with Maude Barlow taking the honours for her tireless work for water. This year nearly all our films were submitted, so if you're working on a film about water, you can submit for the next year's festival in the summer.

For more of a taste, check out the films and our social media. And watch the trailer for a tiny sample of the films.

   The Ecologos mission statement

The Ecologos mission statement