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A Crude Injustice (2017) 26.5min
A Fractured State (2016) 24min
A Gentle Giant (2016) 4.5min
A River’s Last Chance (2017) 65min
A Tale of Two Cities (2018) 14min
Amazonia Dammed (2017) 14min
Angel of the Deep (2017) 4min
Aqua Incognita: Made in China (2017) 52min
Arsenic: The Creeping Killer (2016) 29min
Burning Water (2010) 42min
Conserving Water in Urban Areas (2016) 3min
Downstream (2016) 6min
El Buzo (The Diver) (2016) 16min
En la Orilla (At the Edge) (2014) 12.5min
Feather from Fish Lake (2017) 35min
Fix and Release (2017) 15.5min
For Our Peat's Sake (2017) 35min
Girl on Wave (2017) 64min
Hand. Line. Cod. (2016) 13.5min
Holy (Un)Holy River (2016) 60min
In Season (2016) 9.5min
Invading Giants (2016) 12min
Kwadacha by the River (2017) 18.5min
Like A River Flows (2017) 11.5min
Melting Stars (2017) 15min
Mining the Mother Lode (2016) 8.5min
One Breath: A Life Without Gravity (2017) 6.5min
Putuparri and the Rainmakers (2015) 86 min
Revive Our River (2017) 2min
RiverBlue (2016) 90min
Sea of Life (2016) 85min
Skeleton Sea: The Tides of Tomorrow (2016) 25.5min
Snowglobe (2015) 13.5min
Something in the Water (2016) 18min
Standing on Water (2015) 65min
Still Here: 200 Years on The Erie Canal (2017) 5min
The Canoe (2017) 27min
The Deep End (2017) 1.5min
The End Game (2016) 28.5min
The Hundred-Year-Old Whale (2017) 15min
The Local Oyster Stout (2017) 8min
The Peel Project (2016) 67min
The Rainmakers of Nganyi (2015) 8.5min
The Seahorse: Symbol of Life (2017) 14min
The Storm Downstream (2015) 13min
United By Water (2017) 60min
Xeláltxw (2016) 7min
Ziyou (Freedom) (2017) 8min