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  • Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema 506 Bloor Street West Toronto, ON, M5S 1Y3 Canada (map)

Standing on Water
DENMARK| 2015 | 65 min

Passion conquers fear as a young Dane becomes an unlikely world champion surfer from "Cold Hawaii".

Filmmaker: Peter Alsted

Emcee: Rick Miller
Co-presenter: Canadian Sport Film Festival (CSFF)

Shorts | Snowglobe Hand.Line.Cod.
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Standing on Water is a parable about facing fears and following passion. It tells the story of Casper Steinfath, who, despite his dread of water, becomes one of the best stand-up paddle surfers in the world. The film demonstrates how far love of sport can take you in life, even if you have grown up in a small, isolated fishing village in northern Denmark, where “people didn’t play in the water . . . because you had this fear that something all of a sudden would pull you down.”

Strong family bonds, camaraderie and the birth of a Danish surf community in what today is known as ‘Cold Hawaii’ set the stage for this meditative portrait of a life lived for the ever-changing ocean.

Canadian Premiere | FRANCE | 2015 | 13.5 min

Filmmaker: Laure Muller-Feuga

Snowglobe takes the viewer on an epic journey through mountain waters. One man travels back to the water source for a child’s dropped toy – wading through cold currents and flying among snowy peaks – to awaken the conscience of humanity, so we can all perceive the fragility of our precious mountain water resource.

CANADA | 2016 | 13.5 min

Filmmaker: Justin Simms

Set in the coldest waters surrounding Newfoundland’s rugged Fogo Island, Justin Simms’ short film Hand.Line.Cod. follows the “people of the fish” – traditional fishers who catch cod by hand, one at a time, using only hook and line. Their mission? To drive up the price of fish. After a 20-year moratorium on North Atlantic cod, the stocks are returning. These fishers are leading a revolution in sustainability, taking their premium product directly to the commercial market for the first time.

Simms takes viewers deep inside the world of the brave fishers returning to the traditional methods that hold tremendous hope for our future and the sustainability of fish stocks.