Missoula wins right to control its own water in victory against privatization

We are no strangers to the private versus public ownership debate.  But in the case of a city's water supply surely there should be no debate? Think again!  And read the news story below about a Montana city's years long legal struggle to achieve the obvious.  For a major piece about the increasing worldwide trend to the commodification and privatization of water see The New "Water Barons".
In the face of such overwhelming opposition the Missoula success in gaining recognition for the communal control of its water supply is inspiring and motivational.
Jean Ann

"Missoula, Montana scored a major victory for community ownership of public resources when the state's supreme court ruled 5-2 on Tuesday that the city's use of its water system was "more necessary" than its use by a private company.

"The city has been embroiled in a costly, years-long legal battle over control of its water supply. Missoula previously argued it has the right to use its powers of eminent domain to purchase Mountain Water Co. from then-owner the Carlyle Group ─ which has since sold the water company to Canada-based Liberty Utility ─ an argument which the Missoula County District Court agreed with last June."  Read on...