We've found three approaches with the power to shape attitudes and motivate action, to effect change. These approaches underpin our main programs:

  1. Documentary cinema – the storytelling of our time

  2. Experiential learning – reconnecting people with their most powerful experiences of water as a foundation for action

  3. Encounters with the arts – to provide an experiential foundation to build pathways for meaningful change

Water Docs Film Festival

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The festival is the centrepiece of Water Docs programming – several days of high-impact films, animated discussions and community learning, with opportunities to take action to protect water. Submissions are now open for the 2020 festival. See the 2019 festival lineup here.

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Pedal Power

Water Docs audiences also love Pedal Power, an interactive mobile installation, which is available as well for festivals, street corners and other events. Participants pedal a bicycle to draw water up a clear tube into a glass, providing a real-time, kinesthetic experience of how much energy it takes to convey water to us.

Water Docs Where-You-Live

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Organize a Water Docs Where-You-Live Community Screening or mini-film-festival for your group or neighbourhood. Every culture in Ontario's rich tapestry has its own special connection to water. Our wide range of inspiring water documentaries has been enjoyed to date at events province wide. Different communities have also enjoyed holding our Water Journey workshop, a galvanizing experiential forum that helps people turn their experiences of water into positive environmental action.

Water Docs @ School Action Projects

Water Docs @ School is an 8-month long learning and action program designed for Ontario Grade 7 & 8 students. It uses a unique, hands-on approach to bring them into a close relationship with water, building their understanding of water systems and instilling a passion for water stewardship. After learning about the local watershed and its issues, students switch to action mode with a community environmental water project. Classes create documentary films of their projects and processes and are celebrated at a Student Recognition Day, with prizes for the best project and the best film.

Wild Water Residency


Ecologos is partnering on a brand new program for creative youth with The Canadian Wilderness Residency, an organization driven by a belief that art is inseparable from the land, place and community. The program is an artist residency for creative high school youth based just outside of North Bay, Ontario.

Operating in the traditional territory of the Anishinaabek people, Wild Water Residency is designed to spark creativity, connect and build relationships between young artists and local Indigenous communities, and stoke the foundations of an artistic practice rooted in the land, water and wild spaces. After the program has concluded, the resulting art projects will be exhibited.

The Water Journey


A vibrant personal connection with an issue gives us the energy and strength to face it and to enact real change.  Join us on a journey of discovery as we explore our personal and collective relationships with this most vital of elements … water.

The Water Journey is an inspiring, experiential and participatory half-day forum that enables people to reconnect with their personal passions for water and the vital role it plays in all our lives. This raised awareness leads to a determination to take action to ensure the preservation and purity of water everywhere. After all, it's said that water is a window into our souls. Contact us if you want to hold this memorable and motivational water event with your group.

See information about older Ecologos programs.